Condemnation of Family Dairy Farm, Piscataway
In 2004, the Township of Piscataway seized a family’s dairy farm in an eminent domain taking that contained approximately 75 acres, farmhouses, and other buildings used in the farm operations. The Township’s offer of compensation was $4,326,000, based upon its appraised value in 1999.

McKirdy & Riskin was retained as special condemnation counsel after the condemnation case had already begun. They were able to obtain a court ruling that required the Township to reappraise the property as of 2004, which the court held was the date that the taking occurred, and which was a much more favorable market for the development of single family housing than 1999. As a result of the Township’s new court ordered appraisal, the Township’s offer nearly tripled in size.

The case proceeded to trial before a Middlesex County jury, which awarded $17,955,000 as just compensation. The owners received approximately $13.5 million more, and more than four times more, than they were originally offered.
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